Albums are Eco Friendly

Albums are usually never discarded into landfills. Most are kept in a collection due to their increasing value. Most album manufacturing companies actually shred and re-use the ones that do not sell. Discounts are offered to artists that return their unsold 45′s for shredding and re-pressing a new 45 with new songs. Compilations that are actually discarded into landfills have very little environmental impact due to the fact that the vinyl material can be better broken down naturally in comparison to many other plastics.
Lp’s and 45′s can be recycled and you can minimize their impact on the environment by taking care of them in a responsible manner. By cleaning, taking out the center label, and shredding, it can be re-used in other products. However, albums are also popular as collectors’ items and craft items, so there are other ways to reduce their environmental impact. If everyone were to discard them in this way, their impact would be minimal.

The “comeback” of the LP and 45 is welcomed by many environmentalists and “green” organizations. CD’s and DVD’s are basically “disposable media” due to many factors. Almost anyone with a computer can burn CD’s and DVD’s. Commercially distributed CD’s and

DVD’s actually hold little value whereas an album is collected and cared for by its’ owner. Tossing a damaged ‘Stones CD required little consideration however, tossing a ‘Stones album that may have a scratch or two, just isn’t “the norm”. The album covers, jackets, etc can appreciate in value even if damaged.

Living in this “disposable society”, many people are starting to realize and “see” the impact of our ways on the environment. Going green has been preached by activists for years but, now corporations are following suit. Album sales are increasing as a result by 80% since 2008. Turntables now offer USB interfaces for playing through computers or converting your coveted album to MP3′s on your portable listening device. A welcome trend to this otherwise cold digital world.